About APS

APS has an in depth knowledge of electricity deregulation:

Incorporated in 1995, Alternate Power Source, Inc. (APS) participated in and represented large retail energy consumers in the various state regulatory proceedings in New England to develop the rules to deregulate the electric generation market. Upon implementation of deregulation in 1998, APS was the first to broker a competitive electric purchase in Massachusetts for a business client that owned and operated 5 million square feet of office space in downtown Boston.

What we do:

APS specializes in competitive energy procurements and brokers electric energy for its clients throughout New England, New York, and the Mid-Atlantic States serving approximately 10 million square feet of office, retail, hospitality, computer, and medical space. We are an independent broker and base our decisions (or provide choices) on our client’s specific needs.

Our Mission:

To provide our clients with the lowest cost and most reliable electricity supply available.