Will the reliability of my service change?

No, the reliability will not change. Deregulation is really only a financial transaction not a physical one. Your local utility will continue to deliver and maintain the electric service that you currently have.

If I have service questions, who will I contact?

Any service questions should continue to be directed to your local utility.

Who will I receive my bill from?

You will continue to receive one bill from your local utility. The utility will bill for both its delivery charges and the competitive suppliers generation rate. The utility will in turn pay the competitive supplier.

How long does it take to complete the process?

Once we receive your information, it should take approximately one week to complete the solicitation process.

What is the length of the term of a contract?

Contracts generally run between 12 and 36 months.

Will there be any service interruptions when transferring service?

No, there will not be any service interruptions when transferring service - the supply transfer is seamless and completed by your utility.

Please call APS at 508-337-9090 with any other questions.